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Mike Pope and his new Emperor Standard Fretless!

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Mike Pope and his new Emperor 5 Standard Fretless custom bass guitar!

Recently our good friend and Fodera artist Mike Pope of Trickfish Amplification stopped by the shop to pick up his new Emperor Standard Fretless bass guitar! Mike takes us through some various settings on his bass and shows how you can get a wide variety of tones from the Fodera / Pope Standard preamp. Also be sure to check out Mike's line of amplifiers and cabinets from Trickfish which feature his Pope designed preamp!…/23244-trickfish-bullhead-1k-…

Shop Talk w/ Michael League

Head over to our Soundcloud to check out our latest episode of our podcast "Shop Talk" with Fodera custom bass player Michael League! Shop Talk is a podcast from Fodera Guitars where we sit down with some of our artists and discuss music, life, and gear. Michael League is a multi-Grammy-Award-winning bassist, guitarist, producer, [...]

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Presenting our Box Elder Burl Imperial Select!

We are pleased to present the latest Select model - the Box Elder Burl Imperial 5 Select!Our Select Series instruments provide us with an opportunity to build small runs of custom instruments where, much like with the Standard Line, we control all aspects of the specifications. Building in a batch format along with not [...]

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Shop Talk w/ Reggie Young

Introducing our new podcast Shop Talk!Shop Talk is a podcast from Fodera Guitars - your custom bass guitar shop - where we sit down with some of our artists and kick around music, life, and gear. We give you access to the back story of some of your favorite artists and will hopefully give you [...]

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Announcing our clinic with Andy Cichon!

Fodera Guitars and Ampeg Amplification, are pleased to announce our clinic with Billy Joel Bassist Andy Cichon! This clinic will be held on Thursday, May 5th at the Fodera Guitars factory here in Brooklyn.Andy Cichon has held down the bass chair for such diverse and respected artists as Rose Tattoo, Five For Fighting, Shania Twain, [...]

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Artist Profile: Kevin Jacoby

1) Tell us a little bit about how you came to know the Fodera brand and about your first Fodera bass guitar.Lincoln Goines first introduced me to Fodera. I was studying with him at the time and absolutely loved his bass. He was actually the one who convinced me to move to NYC. He even [...]

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Fodera Imperial Guitar

Fodera Imperial GuitarWhile our custom bass guitars have been the hallmark of our company, our co-founder Vinny Fodera is in fact an electric guitar player. Fodera's team of luthiers combine over 30 years of innovative design, building, and real world playing experience to handcraft custom electric guitars suited for your individual playing style and working [...]

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Artist Profile: Patrick Andy - "Ny tsintsina aza ahiany"

1) How did this video come together?I've always wanted to make videos of myself playing my music with various great musicians, but I was busy working on various projects here and there and playing at different gigs. Right now, we are mixing my upcoming album, so I'm trying to come up with a few cool [...]

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Artist Profile: Bryan Ladd

1) Tell us how you started on the Bass guitar. Who and what were some of your early influences?I started playing bass because my father, Jeff Ladd, is a great bass player. Like most kids with musical parents, I ended up listening to whatever was playing in the house or the car. Some of my [...]

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NAMM 2016

This year's NAMM show was truly an exciting one for us here at Fodera, your custom bass shop! First, we were proud to premiere our new Monarch-P and our first ever team built NAMM basses! Also, Fodera artists Bobby Vega and Victor Wooten stopped by our booth for some amazing demonstrations of their Fodera custom [...]

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