Electronics and Strings

Can I buy Fodera electronics and/or Fodera parts for my non-Fodera Instrument?

No, all of our electronics and parts are custom made for Fodera Instruments and are sold to Fodera owners only.

What is the difference in sound between the EMG pickups, Seymour Duncan pickups, and Aguilar pickups that you offer?

EMG pickups by nature are more modern sounding with a cleaner somewhat compressed tone. Seymour Duncan pickups are more vintage sounding. The Aguilar pickups that we offer are a hypothetical tonal midpoint between the two.

What is the difference in sound between Dual Coils in single coil mode and true Single Coil pickups?

True Single Coil pickups are always brighter and more "open" to a degree than tapped Dual Coils are in Single Coil mode.

How often should I change the batteries in my Fodera electronics?

To ensure peak performance, you should change the batteries in your Fodera electronics every 3-4 months. Please also note that any time your Fodera is plugged in it is "on". Leaving an instrument cable plugged in to your Fodera will significantly shorten your battery life.

What are the differences between the Fodera control layouts?

To learn more about our Preamp Control Layouts, click here. 

Who makes your strings?

All of our strings are made in our string shop in Pennsylvania, USA! Learn more about the people who make our strings by heading over to the About the String Shop page!

What gauge strings should I buy for my bass?

This is a personal preference, it is always best to stay consistent with what you are comfortable with.

What is the difference between Nickel strings and Stainless Steel strings?

Nickel strings typically sound warmer, while Stainless Steel strings typically sound brighter. 

What gauges are available for your Fodera Electric Bass String sets?

We have many gauges available to choose from! Our packaged sets range from Ultra Light, Light, Light Medium, Standard, Standard Heavy, Medium Heavy, and Heavy. To learn more about our strings and available gauges head over to our Strings page! 

Have the Fodera Diamond Series strings been discontinued?

No, while the label "Diamond Series" is discontinued, the strings have remained the same, made by the same people, made in the same fashion. 

Have the Victor Wooten and Matt Garrison Signature Sets been discontinued?

Neither set was "discontinued." What used to be the Victor Wooten Set is now our 4095 Nickel Ultra Light set and the Matt Garrison Set is now our 28100 Nickel light set.