Curly Walnut Monarch 4 Bolt-on

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Curly Walnut Monarch 4 Bolt-on 

This Curly Walnut Monarch 4 Bolt-on features a Curly Walnut top over a Walnut body matched to a 1 Piece Red Oak neck and Fretless Ebony fingerboard. This guitar produces a signature fretless sound that is both full and warm. Its an overall balanced tone that allows the bass to cover a wide variety of sounds. 

Included are our proprietary Fodera / Seymour Duncan Dual Coils which have been widely revered for their vintage correct single coil tone and for providing a punchy and focused tone with a natural and smooth upper midrange in dual coil mode. With it’s unique pickup placement, the Monarch Select can capture 60’s style growly bridge pickup tones while also having the full bodied sound and attack for slap style playing.  

*There is an additional $125 US Fish & Wildlife processing fee for overseas shipping. If applicable, a member of our team will be in touch.  


  • Walnut body
  • Curly Walnut topwood 
  • 1pc Red Oak neck
  • Fretless Ebony fingerboard
  • 34″ scale, 24-frets, 19.0mm string spacing
  • Fodera Standard preamp
  • Fodera / Duncan Dual Coil pickups
  • Standard control layout