5-String Sets - Nickel

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Fodera Handcrafted Bass Guitar Strings - Unmatched Tone & Feel

Unlike other custom builders, we make our own strings. Crafted by just three people in small batches, our Fodera strings have been developed in collaboration with some of the finest bass players in the world.  They have been continually refined over the past fifteen plus years to ensure that they are the perfect complement to our handcrafted instruments -- or any other bass on which they may be used!

With unrivaled tone and feel, our strings are sure to have you playing at your very best. 

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  • 5
    Nicely-made strings

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Jan 2018

    These strings went on nicely and they sound great. They have a medium feel and sound very even across the strings. The wraps are tight, similar to a DR string, but I like the sound of these better.

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    Awesome ....

    Posted by Fabio Zambrotti on 6th Nov 2017

    No words Fodera is the best and the tone is amazing ......always happy. Thanks

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    More sparkle

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Mar 2016

    These Fodera nickle strings have a slight brighter top end compared to the stainless. I was concerned they would not be bright enough, but was pleasantly surprised. Seems to bring more growl, and clarity through the mix. Exactly what I was looking for.

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    Perfect balance

    Posted by James on 8th Mar 2016

    In a pinch I tried some other brand strings for my MG5 which did not work out so well. They were not stout enough and pretty much banged the frets unless I played very light. The medium nickelFodera strings not only sounded much more clear but are a great balance being more rigid so I cold play with far more dynamics.

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    My favorite Nickels/Long Life

    Posted by Basehead on 15th Dec 2015

    I've tried them all and these are my favorite Nickel strings. I'm finding very long life on these. I can hear and feel the difference with these handmade strings....recommended!

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    Nickel feel and smoothness with steel grind

    Posted by Eric Garland on 18th Mar 2015

    I just moved from 28-100 to 28-106 for my Matt Garrison Standard, and the extra fundamental managed to improve a sound I already thought was perfect. There is no loss in playability from the increased mass, it just sounds more stable and with even more grindy power I normally associate with steel strings, without the tacky string feel.

    Let's conclude with "These strings are awesome."

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    Killer Tone!

    Posted by Chris Onjian on 15th Mar 2015

    This was my first set of Fodera strings. So far very very happy!
    The tone is killer.. tremendous mid range growl that cuts through the mix.. bright.. and still very full even considering I went with light gauge.

    The strings themselves have a nice feel to them. Slinky with a nice close wrap.

    To top it off they stayed in tune really well after stringing my bass up. Played a 2 hour show a few days after re-stringing and they didn't go out once.

  • 5
    Great Strings and last long

    Posted by Baseski on 1st Dec 2014

    Fodera strings are the best strings I have found for me. Albeit I have not tried all of the brands but since I am such a Fodera freak I delve into these knowing that if their basses were that good, I doubt their strings could be to bad.
    So now they are on my "other brand" basses and work great. I cannot wait until September when I finally get my first Fodera bass, my life long dream. I cannot wait to be playing these strings on my own Fodera Imperial Elite 5. Yahoo!!!

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    Restring for spring

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Mar 2014

    As of now, they've been on the bass for 24 hours and they're still in tune. They sound like new strings. I'll have a better idea how they sound after tonight's rehearsal. I still can't play like Vic.